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I’ve been mulling over this blog essay for many weeks now so I suppose it’s time to get it “out there”. I’ve been called an oxymoron on more than one occasion, and I suppose it’s true considering  I’m an artist (like to think I am), photographer and teacher of art history.  Most artists and people in the arts tend to be liberal.  When they find out I’m a conservative they are initially shocked and then aghast that I don’t buy into the liberal mantra (spin) and don’t support our President’s agenda for this country. Now there is a difference between supporting or liking a person verses an agenda and/or set of policies.  Let me make this perfectly clear because the media likes to twist and confuse liking individuals with policies and political agendas.  I am very impressed with President Obama’s political savvy, eloquence as a speaker and the fact that he got himself elected President of the US with so little experience behind him. He is a great orator and seems to have a gift with connecting with people – that’s part of what got him elected.  Ok…with that said, I don’t agree with his CHANGE for America, I don’t agree with his redistribution of wealth initiatives, Cap and Trade, Socialized Health Care and the incremental dismantling of our military and turning our backs on our allies in eastern Europe like he did this past week with the scuttling of missile defense shield for Poland and eastern Europe. I’m very concerned that our Government wants to take over Free Markets in the guise of economic stimulus during what has been described as fiscal emergencies never before seen since the great depression. Sure…Bush (and many Republican leaders) played a role in where we are today.  That is why they are out of power.

So yes I still love art, photography, teaching all aspects of art and photography and have many wonderful and dear liberal friends. I don’t judge them solely on their politics and all I can ask is the same in return.  I’m well aware I’m in the minority in my chosen career field. It sure would be a boring world if we all thought and believed the same.  This is just to say there are some artists that are NOT liberal and still love art and all forms of creative expression. Btw..only 5 seats left for my Ireland Artists/Photographers Retreat next Summer!


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This entry was posted on September 20, 2009 by in Keough Journal.
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