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Italians, Races, Web Presentations and Basic Madness

Andei's Italian Friends Cooking Dinner for Us

Andei's Italian Friends Cooking Dinner for Us

The past few weeks have been absolutely hectic to say the least.  My daughter Andei’s three friends from Italy just left after a weeks visit.  I’m not used to having so much young energy and activity in my house.  Life’s been very different (not bad just different) since Andei moved back this past May after living with her Mom and step-dad for four years.  My old bachelor routine has been thoroughly disrupted which I suppose isn’t such a bad thing.

Twin Bridges Road Race 2009 011Last week started off with an 8k Road Race that I participated in during the kick-off of the local Seafood Festival. I had a great finish time for an old guy of 43.50 for the 5 mile run.  I must admit running is getting harder for me as the years go by.

The remainder of the week was kind of like a constant road race.  Must get Andei to and from school each day 11 miles away + coordinate math tutors to help her pass Algebra II.  Math is the Keough curse and Andei is making a noble effort to overcome the curse of our family.

On top of school we had the 3 Italian guys visiting as I mentioned earlier in the post.  They cooked an amazing meal for us one night that was aitalians culinary masterpiece. The pasta and homemade sauce they prepared  was exquisite.  I know Andei enjoyed having them here, although she didn’t have much time to hang out with her friends because of the demands of her school and homework.

In addition to the things going on at the home front I was also preparing for a web cast presentation in Atlanta for the Society for Photographic Education Regional Conference. It would normally be an easy presentation for me because I have given it a few other times, however it is going to be broadcast over the web using Elluminate web conferencing software and that makes it a real challenge for me to give this talk about incorporating blogs, podcasts and videos within the framework of the conferencing software.Picture 1

I spent all day yesterday practicing my presentation and working through the various problems with demonstrating how to incorporate instructional audio and video clips into online courses. I have most of the bugs worked out of it now thanks to Roberto Muffoletto and my Instructional Technologist Pre-Ah Hill.   Click here to register of my SPE Presentation – sign up for the gallery talks as well.  They are all FREE!

I leave for Atlanta next Thursday and then return just in time for our college accreditation SACS visit.  Once that is over I’m off to El Salvador for a week to visit with my son Adam who is in the Peace Corp. Wheew!

I will have very minimal access to internet in El Salvador so I am not sure how I will teach my online classes.  Ok…nap time for me.  Lot’s of NFL Football games to look forward to tomorrow.  Go Jets and of course Brett Farve!


One comment on “Italians, Races, Web Presentations and Basic Madness

  1. Levi
    October 12, 2009

    Patrick – great meeting you at the at Harricka’s on Saturday; had a good time. Here you are on twitter:

    As we spoke, I think it is great to be utilized as a personal micro blog. It is also great to find random people who are “experts” in their respective subjects and have interesting ideas, links, pictures, etc. You must find them mostly serendipitously, but after a while you build up a nice little ‘stream’ of info that you can tap in from time to time. It gives you a new portal to news , events, etc.

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