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Back from El Salvador

I must say my trip to El Salvador to visit with my son Adam in the Peace Corp was very insightful and enjoyable.  I learned a lot about the Peace Corp and was really impressed with the work Adam and his fellow Peace Corp volunteers are doing to help the people over there.  I hope to go back in the Spring to assist Adam with his computer lab project for the little school he is teaching for.  I will be posting more about a fundraiser I want to coordinate in the months to come.  adamkidsblg


schoolI’m planning to help raise funds build a little computer lab and some new bathrooms for the school.  I’m also actually considering joining the Peace Corp after I retire in in the next 2 years.  I want to do more research into it, but this is something I could see myself doing for the next chapter of my life before truly settling down – hmmmm, I don’t think I will actually ever settle down, but maybe slow down just a little.


Click Here to see the Web Slide Show of my week in El Salvador!


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