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Photography as Meditation continued……

Surf Dogz Atlantic Beach

I just finished developing 2 rolls of black and white film that I shot this past weekend using both my Holga medium format “plastic camera” and Diana camera on the pinhole setting.  Making photographs for me is incredibly cathartic and therapeutic, in addition to just being a very fulfilling creative process.

I just don’t get out enough to make photographs like I used to because all the demands on  my time with work and all my freelance online teaching.  I mentioned to my colleague Cathy Crowell just how much I enjoyed going out to shoot pictures and she looked up at me and said that “in many ways photography is like meditation”. As soon as she said it I knew what the title of my next blog post would be.

It really isn’t about the finished framed image that hangs on the wall of a gallery or our home. The true joy in photography for me at least comes from the SEEING. Spending an afternoon in search of interesting and unique compositions with cameras (Holga & Diana) that have very little technical controls – this forces me to be hypersensitive to the subtle nuances of  my surroundings.  You can take great photographs just about anywhere if you are able to truly be  “in the moment” and learn to dissect external reality into dynamic and creative images.

When I put myself into the “photographic zone” all the anxieties in my life melt away and I totally focus on making pictures.  I constantly scan my surroundings in search for potential pictures.  Its a spiritually nourishing process and literally feeds my creative soul. Here are some of my favorites from my last photographic sojourn.

Surf Meets Shore at Sunset - Holga Camera

Pinhole Photograph in Surf

Geese in Light and Shadow

Abandoned Boat off Bogue Sound

Trash Cans on Atlantic Beach

Neptune Statue Morehead Waterfront

Click Here for more of my Plastic Camera Photos


3 comments on “Photography as Meditation continued……

  1. Katrina
    December 1, 2009

    Thank you for sharing your blog and thoughts-pictures on Thanksgiving. Yes –there is much to be thankful for living in this land and remaining vigilant to safeguard this land and what it represents.
    Adam certainly received his good looks from you—what great work for him and every young person–appreciation for this land would be restored.
    I know you are ecstatic for Andei to be with you again.
    Keep going!!!!

  2. keoughp
    December 4, 2009

    I’ll try Katrina! Adam grew his stash as a surprise for me but I believe he shaved it off when I left El Salvador. Yes…we MUST remain vigilant or our freedoms will slip away – they already are unfortunately. cheers!

  3. Shannon
    December 9, 2009

    Love the Abandoned Boat, and Surf Dogz.. Great photos. I need to get out and shoot more often.. Maybe on Christmas break.. Take Care
    Merry Christmas 🙂

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