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Every Picture Tells a Story

I was discussing ancient Near East art in my online Art Survey course yesterday and we got to talking about how art throughout history tells some kind of story.  That got me thinking about photography as well.

From Paleolithic people to the Neolithic and beyond we can see that art tells a story. Throughout human history art has told the story (using a variety of media) of people, cultures, societies and nations from those earliest cave paintings to those great and explosive modern art canvases painted by Jackson Pollock.

Egyptian art tells the story of their fascination with death and the afterlife and Greek art tells the story of man on a quest for knowledge,  trying to make sense out of the world around him. All art forms tell stories if we as viewers know how to read them.  That takes an awareness and some basic understanding of the visual elements of design and their various connotations in addition to the artist and historical / culture context of the art work  itself.

According to Darren Rowse in his article called Telling Stories with Photos.

“Over the centuries people have gathered around campfires, in town squares, over meals and in other places to tell there stories and these gatherings have become central to the shaping of cultures and communities. In more recent times some people have lamented that the art of story telling has been lost amidst the rise of different technologies.

A photograph has the ability to convey emotion, mood, narrative, ideas and messages – all of which are important elements of story telling. Of course the gift of story telling is something that doesn’t just happen – good story tellers are intentional about learning how to tell stories and practice their craft. “

Each one of my photographs tells a little story. It doesn’t have to be deep or dramatic – it’s just a little slice of time that reveals something about myself and/or subject I am photographing.  That is why I love photography and art so much.  I love stories!

101 Year Old Man, El Salvador 2009

What is your story? Tell it with a photograph.

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