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Society for Photographic Education Conference, Philadelphia 2010

I never get tired of attending Society for Photographic Education conferences. I get to see and catch up with so many old friends and colleagues, in addition to listening to some great speakers in the field of photography and photo-education. This year’s conference is especially special to me because I have my daughter Andei with me. She’s soaking up the information and enjoying the various workshops, seminars, vendors and just being out of school for a few days. I like having her with me as well – I’m going to blink and she will be off to college.

A. D Coleman Speaking About His Experiences Teaching For Vasa Project

I just finished co-presenting a session with Roberto Muffoletto and A.D. Coleman on the Vasa Project. We shared what was going on with Vasa, the unique challenges to teaching art and photography in the online environment and some of our insights and experiences about migrating our art and photography courses to online delivery.

The tools and applications for delivering (teaching) our course content have become so incredibly sophisticated and powerful that there is almost no subject that can’t be taught online or at least as a hybrid course.

I’ve been checking in to my courses from the coffee shop in the lobby. I hate paying for internet access BUT you do what you have to do when you conduct 80% of your business on the internet.

The Vasa Project is beginning to take off and hopefully the connections we are making here at SPE will help us continue to grow as an alternative teaching / learning / international online workshop. It’s already starting to take on a life of its own in less than one year.

The Three of Us After the Presentation - A Bit Blurry

Click Here to Download my entire presentation from the conference. (Scroll Down)

Vasa SPE-presentation


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