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An Afternoon of Shooting

I took my students on a photo field trip last week to Beaufort NC.  It was an overcast, chilly day but I feel good about a few of the images I came back with.  May use one or two for Andei and my upcoming exhibit at the end of this month. Making photographs is one of my true joys in life, unfortunately there is never enough time to get out and take pictures with all the other demands on my time these days.  I am looking forward to a light teaching load this summer so I can do more painting and photography.

Rolled up Fishing Nets, Beaufort NC

Skiffs Tied off at Beaufort Dock

Old Beaufort Cemetary

Yellow Bouy's

Rain Slickers

Overturned Skiffs, Beaufort NC

Like I tell my students…there are unique and interesting photographs to be taken anywhere.  You just have to be sensitive to your surroundings to identify those potential compositions, and frame and photograph them. It’s all about SEEING and being in the moment.


One comment on “An Afternoon of Shooting

  1. MARYreophoto
    April 19, 2010

    love the cemetary picture.just breathtaking..also,love the row boats..sooo colorful!!

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