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Fishing is Fun!

I must admit I have not been fishing in many years. Especially the serious saltwater type of fishing trolling the ocean in a big boat. I no sooner turned my grades in for the semester when I got invited to go fishing by Bennett, a college student from Raleigh who’s parents have a summer place across the street from me. He took me out the other day and showed me the ropes and before I know it I was pulling in Spanish Mackerel, Blue fish and then out of the blue we hooked a 50 pound Cobia. Wow!! What an adrenaline rush! The late afternoon fishing adventure started off with us seeing an actual whale as we motored out of the Beaufort Inlet. Over the past two days we must have caught 40 fish (not kidding) and basically had a great time getting away from my normal routine of teaching and staring at a computer screen most of the day. To top off our second afternoon of fishing we were blessed with an awesome rainbow that spanned from the ocean to Atlantic Beach. Needless to say…it has been a great couple of days and has enabled me to break out of my normal routine and just enjoy being alive. I look forward to getting out and catching more fish again in the near future. I have a freezer full of cleaned fish thanks to Bennett and his hospitality and generosity. Here are some photos from my little fishing adventure.

Bennett holding up the Cobia

This sucker was BIG!

Bennett washing off the catch



One comment on “Fishing is Fun!

  1. Bennett Kittrell
    May 22, 2010

    My e-mail is I would love to get all those pictures from that incredible day. Also, I’ve been experimenting with kayak fishing and have some really good places I’d love to take you to. We also need to go out on the boat again and I think you need to try offshore fishing. You can come any time you seem to be very good luck haha. I hope all is well and we’re all gonna miss you when you move to Wilmington. I wish you the best of luck with your move and hope the city life is more exciting than back here in Morehead. Before we let you leave, however, I am going to require another fishing trip or two!

    Best of luck,

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