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NC Museum of Art – Awesome New Space!

I spent the entire day yesterday meandering through the incredibly spacious, airy and light filled galleries of the new North Carolina Museum of Art. What a wonderful and enriching aesthetic experience. I’ve been to the NC museum countless times over the years, but this new renovated space is like being in a major metropolitan museum. The staff were able to pull some of their art treasures out of storage and display them for the first time in many years. One of the most enjoyable parts of my day was stumbling upon art works that had been in their collection, but had never seen the light of day. Once such work was the Rembrandt Etchings. What a treat it was to see art by the great Rembrandt in our state museum. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that the Museum also has 2 Tintoretto’s, 3 Rubens, 1 Titian, a Chardin and a Helen Frankenthaler in the modern gallery. Great stuff!!!

Rembrandt Plate Etchings Raising of Lazarus

The museums collection has taken on a whole new look because of the way it is laid out and displayed all on one floor. You can walk through the modular white galleries and view art in chronological order from the bleached white Greek statues to Roman reliefs, Early Christian mosaics and religious icons to Giotto’s late Gothic painting.

Greek/Roman Gallery of the Museum

You’ll then come upon galleries filled with great Renaissance and Baroque works and eventually make your way to the Impressionism gallery and be greeted by Monet, Pisarro and Degas.

Monet's Impressionistic Landscape

You’ll then wind up at the modern contemporary abstract / non-representational art works. A visit to the NC Museum of Art is a day well spent whether you are an art enthusiast or just want a relaxing and enjoyable day looking at some great art. Here is a little glimpse into the collection.

The Mona Lisa Created with Thread Spools

Early Christian Triptich

Simulated Personal Art Gallery in Merchant's Home

The Great Rodin Sculptures

African Art Gallery - Heads

Robert Motherwell

Expansive, Brightly Lit Galleries

Outdoor Sculpture Garden

Outdoor Sculptures


One comment on “NC Museum of Art – Awesome New Space!

  1. Pat
    June 14, 2010

    These are very good photos you took at the NC Museum of Art. I was walking around in awe looking at all the different galleries filled with some of the finest artwork ever! it was an amazing journey for me. I intend to go back again after summer semester is over. It is just too much to absorb in one visit ! The place is huge! They had just moved into the new building when I went a few months ago! (April 2010)
    Great photos ! Thanks!:0

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