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Slowing Down for Summer

I finally broke down and turned the air conditioners on in the house. I made it into June this year because it really hasn’t been that hot and we get a nice cool breeze from the water across the street. I was sitting with Andei in the kitchen the other day talking about a photo project when she looked up and said she was dying from the heat, so needless to say I broke down and turned on the heat pumps to cool mode. I must admit it’s easier to sleep in a cool house.

Summer semester at my college is in full gear, however my teaching (and admin) load is much less than Fall and Spring so I’ve been enjoying a little down time. I’m teaching an independent study with Andei in the Lighting Studio so she can earn her Photography Certificate before leaving for the Design School in Rome. I’m impressed that she was able to successfully take a full year of college photo classes while still a senior at High School. It’s fun working with her on photography projects because in the back of my mind I know she’s going to be off to college soon and these times together will be few and far between. I’ve also been able to get my Ireland “Art of Seeing” workshop itinerary finished and sent to everyone coming to Ireland in August. One of my goals is to present this workshop at different locations around the world once I retire. The one I have scheduled in August at Anam Cara Artist’s and Writer’s Retreat will be a great opportunity for me to try out my creative exercises and activities with a group of artists and get some feedback.

My daughter Andei’s 18th Birthday is this Friday and I am still coming to grips with the reality that she’s graduated High School and is leaving for Rome, Italy to attend the International Institute of Design in August. I blinked and my little girl grew up. I blinked and twenty years went by. I blinked and I am one year away from retirement. I better stop blinking or I find myself in some retirement home somewhere playing checkers.


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