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Andei Graduated!! Yea!!!

This has been a very challenging year for both Andei and I for a variety of reasons. She started out being a little behind as a senior in High School due to her being home schooled and having attended 4 different schools the past 4 years, including an Italian High School where she had to take all her classes in Italian. Needless to say…she worked very hard and with the help of some great tutors for Algebra, she passed all her classes and has officially graduated High School. Her Mom (see below) had a little family gathering in celebration of Andei’s achievement last night. We have this summer with her and then she’s off to Rome for Design School. We’re all very proud of her! I’m not going to know how to act when she leaves. I’ll have no one to tell to clean the kitchen and their room and worry when she stays out to late. Here are a few photos from last night. I know…boring stuff on the blog. It’s important stuff to this blogger so it’s getting posted. I’ll get back to more serious articles on art, photography and e-learning soon. Right now I’m just enjoying these last special times with my daughter.

Andei with her Mom Stacy and Grandmother Yvonne


One comment on “Andei Graduated!! Yea!!!

  1. Pat
    June 16, 2010

    Andei is a very pretty young lady.Her face just glows in these photos! I know she is excited.. just turning 18 and graduating from high school back to back!I remember those days..(many years ago) ha ha… I wish her the best of luck in Design school.I am sure she will have fun in Rome! I know it is hard letting go..I felt the same way when my daughter graduated from high school and left home. But remember, you are not losing her..she will be back..before you know it, and make you prouder than ever! Watching your child grow up is always hard, but they will always be your child !

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