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A Special Morning

I woke up to my daughter Andei bringing me breakfast and coffee. I was getting ready to go downstairs to make coffee, but she yelled for me to stay upstairs. What a great Father’s Day weekend surprise! I enjoyed eggs, toast, tomatoes and fruit with some great coffee as she looked on with a smile. The highlight of the morning was the very special Father’s Day card she bought me which articulated everything she has wanted to say, but never said as far as expressing love and appreciation to me as her Dad. Yes…we both cried. I’m a lucky Dad!


2 comments on “A Special Morning

  1. Pat
    June 19, 2010

    That is such a sweet, touching story! I know, the bond and the love you both have for one another can never be broken, and a million dollars would not buy that special love.! It is so heartfelt to have such special moments in our lives , that we will always treasure!What a blessing from God!
    I am happy that you both had this time to enjoy for this Fathers Day! Words cannot describe what it means! Happy Fathers Day from me too. !Enjoy the week-end.

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