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Its Really About Family and Friends

It really hit me since learning about John Scarlata’s death just how important and precious our relationships with our family and friends is. Life goes by so quickly, you blink and 30 years goes by. I recently heard from a very old and dear friend Russell Eastman (photo right) who stumbled upon my blog and contacted me last week. We’ve since reconnected and are going to try and touch base when I come up to New York in mid-August to visit my folks and put my daughter Andei on a plane to Rome for her first year of college at the International Design School.

Instead of chilling out here at home for the long 4th weekend I’m driving across the state to Silva, NC to visit my brother Dennis. Turns out my sister Mary Ann and husband Kenny will be there as well. I am going try to make more of an effort to visit family and friends in the years to come. It’s so easy to put these things off and procrastinate.

When we die I believe people will remember us by what kind of friend, parent and family member we were, not how high we climbed in our careers, how much money we made or our social standing. What did we really do “between the dash”?

My Dad and his brother Joe last year in St. Louis visiting their parents (Mimi and Pop) grave and sharing childhood stories of growing up in New York city.


One comment on “Its Really About Family and Friends

  1. souldiaries
    July 1, 2010

    am so sorry about your loss. you are so right about how fast life goes. a blink really and it is gone. thanks for this reminder to come to consciousness about what truly counts.
    ps. i just thought how lucky it was to have quite accidentally found you on here and the impact you have had on me, particularly your beautiful creativity which i find so inspiring. thanks p, keep on blogging and impacting x

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