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Examples of Great “Seeing” in Art and Photography

I thought I would post some examples of artists/photographers who had (in my opinion) great creative vision (see previous post) and an ability to translate their subject matter (external references) way beyond face value and capture the spiritual/metaphysical essence of the landscape, nature and human condition. Who else might you add to my examples? Enjoy!

Georgia O'Keefe

Alfred Stieglitz "The Steerage"

Ansel Adams

Edward Weston

Minor White

Vincent Van Gogh

Paul Strand



3 comments on “Examples of Great “Seeing” in Art and Photography

  1. photographyfree4all
    July 13, 2010

    Thanks. Great reminders.

  2. souldiaries
    July 14, 2010

    thank you. these are phenomenal and it is amazing how they can conjure up so many different emotions – i can almost smell and hear what it is like in The Steerage….each and every one of the images here transports me to a place i know inside myself. they are brilliant…and a gift to a writer with writer’s block. i really appreciate this series of seeing. viv

  3. keoughp
    July 14, 2010

    Yes…the Steerage especially is truly a “decisive” photographic moment and Steiglitz captured it beautifully. I think it is important to look at and be inspired by the great artists and photographers that came before us. Keep writing! Best way to work through the block! I just sit down at with my journal and do automatic writing until I stumble on a direction I want to take with my writing and go from there.

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