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When you LOOK…What do you SEE?

My Journal Notes on Seeing

Trail entering Ocracoke Nature Hike

I went to Ocracoke (outer banks) yesterday and took a hike along a hidden little nature trail with my camera. I wanted to get myself into the “mindset” (creative zone) for my upcoming artist workshop in Ireland. I had been to this nature trail numerous times in the past, but wanted to challenge myself to “SEE” it in an entirely new way with fresh eyes. As I entered the preserve the first thing I noticed was how the late afternoon light was activating the maritime forest creating a shimmering scene of light vs. shadow.

Afternoon light breaking through maritime forest

I started breaking the big picture down into a series of details. Framing, composing, scrutinizing, examining all the little textures, colors, lines, shapes and the interplay of the light as it broke through the trees. Bam!! Photographs were suddenly all around me to be taken. All these wonderful external references that made unique little pictures, but could also be used for subject matter for drawing and paintings. It’s just a matter of looking at things in a slightly different more “hyper aware” way. There are wonderful pictures everywhere if you just know how to LOOK for them.

For me these pictures also communicate on another more deeper level. It goes back to the WHY behind making art. It can’t just be about representing (capturing) external reality photographically and/or with any other medium. There has got to be more to it and luckily there is! There are so many subtle (and sometimes blatant) expressive (psychological / spiritual) connotations in art and its just a matter of being receptive to them as a creative artist or viewer of art.

End of the Nature Trail

That is the true challenge to art both making it and viewing it. Now go take a hike with your eyes wide open.

Enjoy the results of my little afternoon of seeing the details!

Old Fishing Bouy on Fence

Fence, Rope and Bouy

Close-Up Pile of Old Faded Fishing Bouys

Tangled Fishing Line and Shells

Serpentine Tree Limb

Lone Seagull - Heading Home


3 comments on “When you LOOK…What do you SEE?

  1. souldiaries
    July 25, 2010

    aaaah patrick, here i am sighing at the beauty of what you have captured. your pictures take me into another world where i am amid the trees at the end of the trail, the girl with the red nail varnish in a car, the lone seagull in a sea
    thank you so much posting and for continuing to inspire me.

  2. photocrazy81
    July 6, 2011

    You know I always check your blog for the latest posts! 😀 I always find it hard to “see” new things in places that I’ve been a million times, but somehow always something will catch my eye. I find myself wandering in my backyard at different times of the day to see where the light will hit and if I’ll find some new image that will blow my mind. Great post! I suppose I should update mine. 😀

  3. IraImages
    July 11, 2011

    It is quite interesting how you see new things when you really look. Details are everywhere and when you are there so many times it is sad that they start to disappear. I also love that the art of seeing is different between everyone. I could walk that same path and have completely different images. Great post.

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