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Path to Heart, Mind and Soul

We have only one more day to spend in Ireland. My group is flying out of Dublin tomorrow morning. I got to thinking about photography and art in general as we crossed this beautiful country yesterday on the bus. Photography opens my eyes to so many things about the world and myself.

Photography is not about the finished image hanging in a frame on the wall. To me…photography is an aesthetic experience – a process that forces the serious photographer to become more and more aware of his /her surroundings.

Photography also demands a certain amount of skill levels requiring both technical and conceptual skill sets. Without a strong technical base the photographer can’t capture what he/she initially previsualizes.

Art in itself is also a personal journey – a process and search for self discovery. It’s not really about representing / capturing some external reference. It is so much more than that for the committed artist. None of us are ever there. Art making – image making is an ongoing quest.

There are always new things to learn and new things about ourselves to discover as we explore the world with our cameras or any artistic medium for that matter. Art is a path to the heart, mind and eventually the soul.

All Photos in the post by Patrick Keough


2 comments on “Path to Heart, Mind and Soul

  1. souldiaries
    August 13, 2010

    i love your path pix and i love how we have creative tools to access mind, heart and soul. for me it is writing that helps me do this. i feel so grateful that you continue to explore and express your passion and share it here with us, it really makes me feel braver and excited to go deeper into mine and to express it too. xx

  2. keoughp
    August 13, 2010

    It really doesn’t matter what creative tools we use – writing is certainly a great way to “tap into” our real selves and our creative response to our internal and external world. We just can’t be afraid to go where the art takes us. Thanks for the encouraging thoughts.

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