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I 95 Heading North

It’s hard to believe I was in Ireland just a few short days ago and now I am sitting on the edge of a bed in a cheap room at the Motel 8 outside of Baltimore off Interstate 95 heading to Long Island. My daughter Andei is still asleep and I am going to have to wake her after I submit this post. First off the Ireland “Art of Seeing” workshop was a great (“grand”) success and everyone in the workshop seemed to enjoy and benefit from the creative experience. I am already thinking about planning another workshop for next year.

It’s back to reality time for me. We have hit some bureaucratic snags in obtaining Andei’s Italian student visa and we just may have to reschedule her Tuesday flight from JFK to Italy. We are calling the Italian Consulate today to see if they received our updated visa packet sent overnight delivery. Anyway…just more hoops to jump through.

We plan to spend a long weekend with my parents on Long Island and if all goes well I’ll drop Andei off at the airport next week and head back to North Carolina. The fall semester kicks in next week so it looks like summer vacation is quickly coming to an end.

I’ll miss those invigorating hikes in the rain up the mountains of Beara Peninsula and cold pints at the end of the day at Causkies Pub in Eyries Village.

Ireland is becoming my second home and hopefully I can spend more time there when I retire. I first must make sure Andei is squared away for the Institute of Design in Rome. She is so excited about her new adventure and the next chapter of her life.

Photos by Linda Darrow

We hear about her scholarship the first week of September so keep your fingers crossed. Ok…I have to wake Andei up now and get back to I 95 and point the Element towards the Jersey Turnpike. Four more hours of driving if there is no traffic jams.


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