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Can Never go Back…

Whenever I drive over the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn I know I am close to home. It’s so true you can never go back home, however the love and support I get from my family makes up for the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land here in New York. My daughter and I have had a great visit with my folks and brother up here on Long Island. I’m glad Andei was able to spend some time with her Uncle Terry and Grandparents before leaving for design school in Rome.

Andei and my Mom Enjoying Tea

So many conflicting memories run through my head as I drive around my childhood town. Long Island is one big strip mall now, where as when I was growing up it was like being in the country even though St. James is just 40 miles from NYC. I only make the long drive here maybe once a year and every time I do It feels more alien to me.

This no longer feels like the place where I grew up, however as I get older it bothers me less and less that it has changed so much. My parents are still alive and are very supportive of all their children. It doesn’t matter how old we are they are always there for us no matter what the circumstance.

This has been a stressful visit for me because Andei’s student Visa has been held up and is causing her travel arrangements to be put on hold until we hear from the Italian consulate and the status of her Visa. I’m suppose to put Andei on plane this afternoon and then head back to North Carolina first thing tomorrow morning. Summer is over for me and it’s time to report back to the college for Fall semester.

The one thing I’ve realized as I get older is just how incredibly important my family is to me and how we all circle the wagons and support and encourage one other through the good times and bad. My family have been there for me during hard times, divorces, sickness and when I was broke and couldn’t afford a car or pay my rent. It doesn’t matter how far away we are from one another – they are there with one phone call as I am for them.

Whenever I have a decision to make or problem to solve that relates to my children, I just ask myself “what would my dad do in this situation?” and that answer is usually the correct approach to the issue at hand. He has been a great role model for me even though I didn’t realize it until I was married with my own children. Now that I’m divorced and my two children are grown and I’ll be going home to an empty house after putting my daughter on that plane to Rome for college.

With that said….the journey of life continues. Thank God for family and those few good friends that you can count on one hand. When all else is said… isn’t that what it’s really all about?


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