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The Ireland Paintings – New Project!

I started painting again this past week. My recent trip to Ireland inspired me to pull out my paints and set-up my studio again. I have this intense desire to paint again and with Andei off to college I have a little more time to pursue it. Sure I love photography, however the painting is a very different form of creative expression for me. I have to get myself into the ZONE and truly concentrate for a few hours at a time. I must admit I’m a little intimidated by painting and it always takes me awhile to feel comfortable with a brush in my hand.

The Initial Ireland Landscape Photo with No Manipulation

I’m experimenting with a new procedure. First I find the photograph I want to use as a reference (see above) for my painting. Right now I’m doing a Ireland series from my latest photographs taken while traveling around the Emerald Isle. First I transform the photograph (abstract it) in Photoshop (see below) by adding an artistic filter to it in this case the smudge filter. Then I use that image as a reference for the painting.

Same Photograph with Smudge Stick Filter Applied

I’m working small right now until I can get my personal style and technique down. I plan to do 10 small paintings before going larger. I like applying thick layers of paint in the expressive style of Van Gogh and Pollock. Essentially the photograph is a “point of departure” for the finished painting. We will see where this all leads. Below is version #1 and then what may be the finished product. May still fine tune it a bit. Constructive feedback welcome!

First Version using Photo as Reference

Expressive Interpretation of the Irish Landscape Behind Anam Cara

Ok…I had to go back and work on it some more today. Here is the final version. Now onto the next one!

Final Version Ireland Landscape Series


3 comments on “The Ireland Paintings – New Project!

  1. souldiaries
    August 28, 2010

    i have a layman’s eye, so can’t offer any criticism but to say it makes me feel so peaceful, alive and joyous all at once and i love it patrick. i see you in it and it is beautiful. so glad you’re doing this. thanks for posting

  2. Shannon
    August 29, 2010

    Luv IT!!

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