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Dodged a Bullet!

I kept waiting for Hurricane Earl to slam into Carteret County last night, but luckily we dodged that bullet and it stayed out in the ocean and headed further north. We got some rain and a little wind, but for the most part all the hype coming out of the news was just that…”hype”. People get so worked up over these weather events and the media fuels their stress and anxiety. I did get to the beach right before last night’s curfew and got a few shots. The ocean looked like a giant washing machine the way the waves and surf were churning.

Waves at Atlantic Beach Churned up by Hurricane Earl

This guy (below) was cool just sitting in the surf with his boots up on the little bench.

Chillin before the Storm

They even had Mama Mia’s Italian Ice stand Boarded Up.

No Italian Ice before a Hurricane

I have the day off because they closed the college so with that said I think I’ll work on my paintings. I’ve been working on these two little paintings for a week now. The hardest part of painting for me is knowing when to walk away and leave it alone. Ok…these are after fine tuning them one more time this morning for about an hour. Working with a palette knife. I love that tool!

Beara Landscape Version #5

Stone Circle on Beara Peninsula - Version #2


2 comments on “Dodged a Bullet!

  1. souldiaries
    September 5, 2010

    first: i’m glad the hurricane didn’t visit
    second: your photos are exceptional – i always love photos of the ocean they evoke so much emotion in me, and your speficially talk to me
    third: your paintings are WOW
    fourth: your blog still blows my hair back and keeps my creative juices flowing. thank you for that!

  2. Judy Philips
    September 16, 2010

    Stopping by to express the intense beauty, and emotion I see in your photos and paintings, and reading your blog is like taking a walk down a path..getting your story. I am very impressed.! !! Thank you very much !

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