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Spe Conference Final Observations

One of the main things I get out of every SPE conference is renewed inspiration to create new work. It’s so easy to get in a rut and let our teaching and administrative duties wear us down and keep us from picking up a camera to make new photographs.

Listening to the keynote speakers, Image makers and browsing through the print sharing is motivational and inspires me to leave the conference and find the time to tap back into the photographic “creative” process.

Every photographer has something to say and share. I get new ideas for pictures, trends and bodies of work from the various presenters and students and faculty who share their work. I’m no sooner back home and its back to the grind and constant demands of my teaching and administrative duties. I’m not really complaining because I am blessed to have such a great job, however it’s a matter of finding a balance between the teaching and making new work – that is the challenge for me and many other teachers in Photo Education.

ECU Photo Students After the Presentations

I really had fun last night taking pictures with the ECU students. There is a joy in just making photographs and watching students explore the magic that is photography. Something about the act of framing a shot and snapping the shutter, I must say I find it invigorating – such a seemingly small and brief creative act is enriching and rewarding to me on multiple levels. You see something that has the potential to be a subject for a photograph and the your photographic intuition kicks in.

Golden Light at Sunset Downtown Tallahassee

Its usually the the light and what it’s doing to my subject that grabs my attention first . Then there is placement of subject in the frame, exposure decisions, angle of view and depth of field considerations. So many quick little creative decisions.

Empty Parking Garage, Tallahassee, FLa.

It’s the process that is the most rewarding to me – the print in the frame is just a final visually record of that unique and magical photographic event.

Former SPE Regional Chair George Blakely and Friend at Opening Reception for the Appetite Exhibit

SPE has been my life line to so many great friendships, influences and has exposed me to so many great image makers and educators. It was my first SPE regional in Penland 1986 where I met Cathy Crowell and made that initial contact that led to a full time Photography teaching job at Carteret Community College. Professional organizations like SPE are a great way to network, make life-long friends and learn from the best in the industry.

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