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Thank You Veterans!!!

Carteret County Veterans Day Parade

I just want to say THANK YOU to all those veterans out there who have served and fought for this great country of ours. We would NOT be living in the land of the FREE if it wasn’t for your sacrifices.

I had the honor and privilege to participate in out local Veterans Day Parade and I must say the energy in the streets and with those marching was so positive and electric.

People lined the streets for about 2 miles waving flags, thanking veterans and showing their love and patriotism for this country. It sure is a welcome change from those dark days after Vietnam when our soldiers came home from Southeast Asia.

So THANK A VETERAN today and don’t forget that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!

God Bless America and all our soldiers and veterans everywhere.

Joe (Left) and brother Bill Keough at Joe's 89th Birthday Party

My Uncle Joe Keough just passed away the other day at his home in St. Charles, Missouri. He was a WWII Decorated War Hero who fought the Germans at the Battle of Normandy. So God Speed to Joe Keough you will be sorely missed by your family and friends…please say a prayer for him.

Here is a video of Joe “Doc” Keough being honored last April for his many years of work with chorus groups called Ambassadors of Harmony. Enjoy!


2 comments on “Thank You Veterans!!!

  1. mary flanagan
    November 9, 2010

    Patrick, Thank You so much for posting this video of Uncle Joe on your blog. When I first saw this video I could not stop crying,first of course is the remarkable resemblance of our Dad and his brother,but just the fact that the wonderful men of the WW11 era are passing away.I don’t believe our generation of youth today will truly understand the courage and commitment it took to defeat our enemies of the past, I do believe we have many young men and women that do understand,including all our soldiers abroad, but we need the country to rally our youth,to instill
    honor and patriotism everyday, singing God Bless America in our schools, My country tiss of thee,sweet land of liberty…Maybe I’m an old fashion ideolog, thats ok with me.. Your right Patrick, Veteran’s Day is Nov 11.Thank You Patrick, for your,service and for all our men and women who fought in past and present wars.GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mary faye o'brien
      November 9, 2010

      what a wonderful video!!!!i never had the honor,to meet uncle joe,but he was mr. William keoughs brother so i already adore him!!rest in peace,uncle joe and you will forever be remembered by your courage and dignity…all you gave this world……
      thank you,to all our vets this veterans day and every single day.we can live our lives in freedom,make our choices,do what we like to do,all because of our soldiers.we love you all…..and our prayers are with all the families who have lost their soldiers…..but for the reason that they loved their country..they all are our heroes!!!!!!!!!

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