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I Remember…………

Time…it’s our most precious commodity and yet we waste so much of it with being worried or stressed out about something. Most people would admit the older they get the faster time goes by. I look back at my childhood growing up in Brooklyn and then Long Island and it feels like those days never really happened. Those distant memories flicker through the back of my mind like an old time black and white newsreel. I blinked and I find myself 57 years old and 700 miles away from New York. As David Byrne from the Talking Heads asks in his song….”How did I get here?

I remember being swung on cold metal swings by my red headed mother in a little park looking out at the Empire State Building.

I remember my mother singing songs like “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in the background of my childhood.

I remember my Dad teaching me how to play baseball in Forest Park while my little brother looked on.

I remember great times playing with my childhood friends Johnny Bosco, Mike Smith, Harry Bickman and Eddy Warren who are now deceased.

I remember doing “wheelies” while riding my lime green Sting Ray bike with the banana seat and sissy bar sticking up high behind my back.

I remember delivering Newspapers and tossing them on lawns in my neighborhood from the canvas bag hanging from my high handle bars of that Sting Ray bike.

I remember fishing for Catfish and Shiners at Miller’s Pond and digging up big fat nightcrawlers for bait in the woods behind my house.

I remember playing Army for hours on end in the woods surrounding Spooks Pond.

I remember my friend Mike Smith building Go Carts out of discarded lawn mover engines. We screamed down our neighborhood streets in those contraptions not ever once thinking we might get killed.

I remember playing first base on the Lions in Little League wearing my ill fitted mustard yellow uniform a nervous wreck that I may miss a catch or not get a hit.

I remember stick ball, curb ball, giant step, catch a fliers up and playing hide and seek on a street called Einstein Place.

I remember fish sticks and spaghetti, pork chops with a dollop of apple sauce, meat loaf covered in tomato soup sauce and Grandma’s goulash.

I remember sneaking cigarettes out of my mother’s pack of Lark’s and smoking them in the wooded lot behind the local “stores”.

I remember my first “real job” working as a ramp man at the local Drive Inn Movie wearing a denim white pantsuit and wielding a big silver flashlight with a long red plastic cone over the bulb. No one sneaked into the theater on my watch.

So many memories – some good and some bad experienced on this journey of life.

I can also vividly remember the emotional pain of divorce, anguish caused by being separated from my children, fear while serving in the military and incredible joy when my two children were born.

It’s all part of the fabric of life and the memories and experiences meld together like a mosaic that make us who we are.

So today…Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the good, bad and the ugly of my past and just hope God gives me more years, more experiences and more memories to look back on. Happy Thanksgiving to All!!

You can read my stories about Growing up in New York by Clicking Here.


4 comments on “I Remember…………

  1. souldiaries
    November 25, 2010

    Thanks for this beautiful post. I was sitting at work when an email alerted me to it, and then i felt the urge to log in – despite being on deadline – tocome say thanks for sharing this. it made me feel all nice inside. Happy Thanksgiving. I wish u so many more years and many more adventures on this wonderful planet x

  2. keoughp
    November 25, 2010

    Thanks Viv! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. I wish you the same my friend! I was still tweaking this post when you check the blog. It’s fine tuned now. I was writing in my journal at the local coffee shop this morning and I got to remembering all these bits and pieces from my childhood and next thing I know I had written this blog post. I need to come visit South Africa some day. It’s on my bucket list. cheers!

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  4. Linda Lewis
    March 4, 2012

    Mr. K., enjoyed “Art is a time machine”! The day I started in your class was the day I stepped into the machine that took me to the past ( history of art)only to launch me to a brighter future concerning the beauty of art, a greater appreciation. WOW! Thank you.

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