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Why Blog?

I woke up this morning and the thought hit me that I hadn’t updated my blog since Thanksgiving. Considering I didn’t have any profound wisdom or thoughts to share with the blogosphere today except for posting an update on the normal everyday things in my life like trying to finish up nine art and photo classes that are about 80% online. Yes….things are in total hyper drive for me right now trying to grade over 300 exams, art essays, extra credit assignments and final discussion boards for my classes across the state. Just a week or so left until this Fall semester is over and I get a much needed break. I’ll be driving up to New York to visit my family and see my son Adam who is flying in from El Salvador (Peace Corp) for Christmas.

Ok…so much for that little update. Now to the real question at hand. Why the heck do I even blog in the first place? I’ve been blogging regularly for almost four years. I can remember the first blog post I made when David Warlick asked for a volunteer at a distance learning (blogging) workshop I was attending in Asheville to actually set-up a blog while he was presenting. Needless to say I’ve been blogging ever since.

The best way I can explain my passion for blogging (and art in general) is making an analogy to art and photography.

What made Van Gogh want to paint even though he didn’t make any money at it? What made Ansel Adams want to make majestic landscape photographs. Why did Paul Gauguin quit a good job as a stock broker and leave his family for Brittany to be a starving artist? What made Jackson Pollock pour his guts out in his giant abstract expressionistic paintings?

Writers have to write! Painters have to paint and photographers have to make pictures. It’s hard wired into their DNA. I think the thing we all have in common is a deep desire to express oneself. To share what’s on our minds and in our hearts whether that be through art, photography, writing, painting or some other art form. It may be love of nature, questioning the meaning of life, spirituality, feelings about love, GOD, fear, loss, confusion – essentially filtering our personal reality through the world we live in and translating it to others via some creative medium.

Ok…I have to get back to those exams. Any Thoughts?


4 comments on “Why Blog?

  1. Glenda Chandler
    December 8, 2010

    In a lot of situations, I ask myself “why?” It doesn’t take long before the answer is obvious. However, you do have an exorbitant amout of paperwork “and miles to go” before you sleep! This is a neat blog. I especially enjoyed the Ireland pictures. Our grandson was there last spring, and the photos he brought back were breathtaking. He was there for a music class/event.

  2. SethPopowich
    December 15, 2010

    Greetings… from across the pages! I stumbled upon your page here and wow! Very impressing. I hope that you don’t mind if I pull up a chair and take a peek around!
    Enjoy your day… Cheers!

    • SethPopowich
      December 15, 2010

      I blogged to feed my soul. My space/page is a creative outlet for my ideas, my rants and a means of connecting with other like minded individuals. But overall, I blog for myself. But hey, if I can make life easier for someone or make a few people laugh along the way, why wouldn’t I? It gives me satisfaction.
      Is blogging ‘for the hell of it’ a good reason?

  3. keoughp
    December 16, 2010

    Thanks for posting a comment and stopping by to visit KeO BloG Seth! I also blog to feed my soul. It’s not like we are making any money at it. I just like to share my thoughts about the “stuff of life” with others. I’m wrapping up this semester and when the dust settles I will spend more time checking out your blog. cheers!

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