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It’s About Family

I had a wonderful visit with my parents up on Long Island these past few days. What made it so special was having my son Adam fly in from El Salvador to spend time with his Grandparents and I. When it comes down to it….our lives truly do revolve around family, especially around the holiday season.

Adam flew down to Durham, NC to see his mother and I am now traveling down I-95 heading back to North Carolina to meet up with him. The traffic was so bad last night I finally gave up driving and stopped north of Richmond and am staying in a cheap Motel 8 hotel. I got the little coffee maker in the room brewing up some coffee and once I post this I’ll be back on my way to Durham for an oyster roast with Adam and his family. It’s nice that I can feel comfortable spending time with Adam’s mother Robin and her family. Time has a way of healing the emotional pain and anguish caused by divorce.

On another note…while visiting my parents in New York I came to the realization just what an amazing and selfless younger brother I have. Terry is a detective on Long Island and is there for our parents 24/7. I don’t know what they would do without him watching over them as they get older and less able to navigate the demands of life.

My brother Terry is my hero. He’s one of those guys who would give you anything and not ask for anything in return. I’m truly blessed to have him as a brother and blessed to still have my parents on this earth. Dad is a WWII veteran and there aren’t many of those men around anymore. Yes…it’s all about family, and I am truly lucky to have mine. It’s difficult living 700 miles away from them, however it makes it even more special when we do get together. This past week was a great reunion. Adam had not seen his uncle or grandparents in over 2 years.

As I got ready to submit this post my lovely daughter Andei skyped me from Rome, Italy to wish me a Merry Christmas! Thanks to advances in technology we can communicate with family and friends like never before. Andei’s Mom is flying into Rome tomorrow to spend Christmas with her. I’m glad she won’t be alone over the holidays. I have to get back on the road now. Five more hours driving down I 95 before reaching Durham. I want to wish all readers of KeO BloG a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all are spending time with family in whatever creative way you can.


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