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Back to Teaching! Spring Semester has Kicked In!

I must admit it was really nice having a few weeks off for the Christmas holidays. I was able to enjoy some R&R in addition to spend some time quality with family and friends.

I’m back at school today registering students for their classes, in addition to putting the finishing touches to all my online classes.

I’m teaching a very heavy load this semester. I’m used to having 8-10 courses going at any one time. It’s just a matter of discipline and having a good system (workflow) in place to stay on track with all my courses. It’s a real challenge, but one I truly enjoy. I love teaching art and photography both in the studio and online. It’s even more of a challenge to teach “hands on” courses in the online environment, however the communication tools and course management systems like Blackboard and Moodle have become so powerful and sophisticated you can teach just about anything online.

I’ll be doing more work for the VASA Project this coming Spring and Summer. I’m also very excited about what my colleague Roberto Muffoletto has done with the “Transmedia” Project. I’ll be teaching a workshop of distance learning for Vasa this coming summer. We have a great new blog that covers photography, video, sound, digital art and theory. “Transmedia” will focus on artists, writers and theorists from north, south, central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail from a local regional magazine publisher requesting one of my images to be used for a COVER. Graig Raimey was checking out Keo BloG and found an image I took while kayaking at sunset and requested permission to use it for the next cover photo. Of course I said yes and sent him the high resolution file for the magazine. What a great unexpected surprise for the new year.

So there are lots of exciting and creative things going on for 2011! Onwards and Upward as Roberto would say!!


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