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In Search of Pictures

“I see no reason for recording the obvious.”
Edward Weston

I took a drive last weekend to a place called Goose Creek State Park. I got a wild hair to just go out and make some photographs. I don’t get out nearly enough to make pictures because there’s always some other demand on my time that seems more important. My daughter Andei has been an inspiration to me as far as photography is concerned. She photographs all the time and really honing her skills both technically and conceptually.

Now in all honesty it is difficult to take unique and interesting photographs in the woods. I am not a nature photographer and I found it to be a challenge to find interesting subject matter to visually explore with my camera. I’m always preaching the importance of depth of field to my photography students so I got the idea to apply it in a drastic way to the leaves and trees in the woods. It was a good exercise because it forced me to really LOOK at things differently and to SEE in a different way than I normally do. That is the beauty of photography. The camera is a great and powerful tool for enabling us to translate subject matter no matter how mundane in new and creative ways. Here are a few images I took during my meandering through the woods last weekend. Click each image to make larger.

Good photography really is about learning to SEE in new ways. To be hyper aware of your surroundings and learning to translate (filter) external reality through the lens of a camera and interpret your subject matter through your own personal creative vision.


One comment on “In Search of Pictures

  1. souldiaries
    March 11, 2011

    you make me want to take photos, and i am a mere scribe.
    love your pics of the woods, it certainly wakes up my creative writing brain, a photo can definitely evoke so many words

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