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The Magic Behind Pictures…………

Why do we all like pictures so much? Pictures of our friends, family, pets, relatives, homes, yards, vacation trips or just plain landscapes and/or exotic places like you see in National Geographic.

I’ll admit I love pictures. I love taking them and exhibiting them. I have pictures hanging and displayed all over my house and office. I’ve taken thousands upon thousands over the course of my career in photography. I have them printed in photo albums, stacked in boxes and portfolio cases and thousands more on my various computers as digital files. I have more pictures than I know what to do with and not enough time to even go through and edit them all.

So what’s the magic behind pictures? I think it’s what the photograph represents. It might be a memory of some special event or a simple reminder of your child when he/she was young, but now grown up and off on her own.

It may be a touch of nostalgia or the desire to “get away” to that exotic place depicted in that photograph taken in Ireland or the Bahamas. There are so many reasons WHY we love photographs. I believe there’s an element of escapism in images.

Photographs for me act as “triggers”. They trigger a specific memory which then elicits an emotional reaction to the photograph and the memory behind it.

Pictures have great expressive power as we have seen since Daguerre invented the first photographic process. Photographs can change peoples perceptions about a given situation or event. Photographs have been used for propaganda purposes either knowingly or as a side effect of reporting a war like we have seen with the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

Photographs are like mirrors giving us little glimpses and sometimes insight into our past.

Pictures can bring us joy or can cause us great pain and sorrow because of the memories they can unleash.

I love being surrounded by my pictures because they tell my story. They remind me of the good times as well as the bad.

Pictures are my way of holding on to and reliving the past even if its just for a brief moment.


3 comments on “The Magic Behind Pictures…………

  1. souldiaries
    April 10, 2011

    made me look around my apartment and i realised i had not a picture or painting bar one which a photographer friend gave me before he left here. lots of blank walls. really do like the empty spaces, allows me to breathe. but you’ve made me think …what am i trying so hard not to remember…think i’ll take out the old boxes and sift through some old pix. thanks for the trigger. oh yes, nexto my bed a pic of my mom when she was a teenager..and pps. love your pix

  2. photocrazy81
    May 7, 2011

    Great blogpost Patrick!! What you say is true though. I wish I had more space on my walls to cover them with all the pictures I’ve taken this far in my photographic journey! 😀

  3. keoughp
    May 8, 2011

    Christina, There is never enough wall space for the pictures we take and want to display – just post them to your blog 🙂 Just 2 more months and you will be done with the first part of your photographic educational journey. Today is graduation day! Congrats!

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