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From Teacher to Student

Its a beautiful Saturday morning here on the coast of North Carolina. The Spring semester is quickly coming to a close and I’m in the middle of evaluating final exams, online discussions, photography and art projects and extra credit submissions. I gave my Art Appreciation and History students an opportunity to pick up 5 extra points on their final exams if they posted a comment to my Art is a Time Machine Blog. Keo Blog has been humming with activity for the past week with students making the extra effort to pick up some extra points here at the end of the semester. It’s hard to believe I was in relaxation mode just 2 short weeks on Ocracoke. I’m just glad I have a lighter teaching schedule this summer so I can do a little more writing and photography.

I’m very excited about actually getting to take an online “VASA” workshop with the one and only A.D. Coleman. It is called Teaching Criticism in the Classroom and in less than a week I’ve already picked up some new ideas for my photo and art critiques. This is a 5 week online workshop with fellow art and photo professors from around the country.

In mid-June I’ll be teaching my own online workshop for Vasa called Teaching Photography Online. There are still a few seats left for that upcoming workshop. I plan to do some serious marketing for it once I can get the rest of my grades turned in and I can concentrate on other things besides my “real jobs”. You can register for my course or other exciting workshops by clicking here…VASA PROJECT. The Vasa Project has also started an e-bookstore that will be launched in June. I just submitted my first e-portfolio (Art of Seeing in Ireland) for distribution on the site.

Check out all the exciting workshops, online exhibitions, gallery talks and what I am really REALLY excited about our upcomingOnline Teaching Photography Certificate program that will debut this coming Fall 2011. Exciting things are happening on this end. My daughter Andei is coming back home from college in Rome, Italy in June and my son Adam has recently finished his service with the Peace Corp and has taken a job with Catholic Charities in El Salvador assisting in the coordination of a water well digging initiative.

Ok…I better wrap up the last few exams and get my grades submitted to their respective colleges across the state that I teach for. I think I will take the afternoon off and just enjoy this beautiful day. I am ready for summer! God is good! cheers!

Click Here if you want to check out my first Irelandeport

3 comments on “From Teacher to Student

  1. dawn
    May 8, 2011

    i wish i had some extra money for your online class, patrick…but i just got back from ocracoke and i’m broke! 🙂
    will be saving my pennies for future ones for sure. glad you had a restful time on the island.

  2. keoughp
    May 9, 2011

    Yes Dawn…Ocracoke is one of my very favorite places to rest and rejuvenate my spirit. I’ll be teaching other online workshops down the road and will also be doing a photo/writing workshop in Ireland again Spring 2012 so keep an eye out for that. If you notice I used that photo you took of me on Ocracoke for my Blog photo.

  3. dawn
    May 16, 2011

    i did notice patrick and am so flattered!

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