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Evolution of an Artist Image Maker….

I must admit I’ve been very impressed with how my daughter Andei’s photography is evolving while living and going to college in Rome. I would imagine studying in Italy is certainly a factor in her development as an artist / image-maker. It’s been a joy watching her grow as a person and an artist over the past few years. Don’t get me wrong…we’ve had our ups and downs this past year, but I see that is all part of growing up and learning to be on your own and finding your personal vision as an artist.

Andei has always had an innate talent for art and photography, however this past year she’s really blossomed as a photographer and a writer. I can’t put her work in a box as to it being fine art, documentary or photojournalistic. It’s a synthesis of a variety of photographic disciplines with Andei’s own personal vision and stylistic signature all over it.

Her work is embedded with symbolism and metaphor that gives it a emotionally dense visual quality. The addition of text on many of her images also adds (in my opinion) to the mystery of her pictures and forces the viewer to RETHINK what the subject matter itself is communicating face value.

I look forward to her coming home next month and following (sharing) her creative journey while she attends college here in North Carolina. I’m not afraid to say that she inspires me and has influenced the way I SEE photographically. Its so easy to fall into a rut in our art and photography – Andei reminds me to question the way I normally photograph. That to me is a good thing.

All Photographs in this post are copyright Andei Keough
do not use without permission.

You can see more of her art, writing and photography by clicking here!


One comment on “Evolution of an Artist Image Maker….

  1. dawn
    June 16, 2011

    she is an amazing talent, patrick…truly. she got this incredible eye from her father ….:-)

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