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Kicked Off my Vasa Workshop

I met most of my VASA Online Teaching Workshop participants last night in a Skype conference call and then in an Elluminate online conference room. I have 13 photographers and photo educators in the workshop called Teaching Photography Online. We as educators – especially online teachers must always be learning when it comes to technology. It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you may be, there are always going to be technical challenges and glitches when trying to teach a large group online in real time.

Skype is a terrific communications tool, however it is very difficult to manage a large group (over 10) in a conference call because calls get dropped and bandwidth can degrade your sound over time. With that said we ended up pulling the plug on the Skype conference and jumped over to the Elluminate which is a pretty good online conference platform.

I’m really excited about teaching this workshop to fellow photo educators and photographers. Hopefully everyone in the class will hit the ground running once I get them oriented with how the moodle site works and the technology we are going to use to design online photography lessons.

My Professor (and mentor) from Graduate School at East Carolina University Henry Stindt is taking the workshop and I must admit it’s a cool feeling to be able to teach him some things I’ve learned over the years – it is kind of like my career has come full circle. Hard to believe I have been teaching almost 30 years.

I also have some other projects simmering with Vasa. We are starting to advertise our Italy Photo Workshops for next Spring and are also getting ready to launch the Vasa E-Book Store. So its going to be a busy, challenging and exciting summer. Just the way I like things!


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