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BDP…Before Digital Photography

Long before the digital revolution I experimented with a variety of ways to meld (composite) my paintings and photographs together. I was also exploring “action painting” back in 80’s and thinking up ways to incorporate details of my abstract paintings with my photographs. I did this a variety of ways. I experimented with multiple exposures in my camera, and also used what was called an illumitran slide copier to synthesize a variety of images into a color slide. This technique is so much easier now thanks to image manipulation programs like Photoshop, but back then it was a real challenge to come up with unique and interesting photographic composites manually. I also used an Xacto Knife and literally cut pieces of slide film and gels and layered them together into glass slide mounts. This process took a great deal of time and effort, but the final results were very rewarding to me and ended up being the creative foundation for my multi-media Graduate Thesis live performance exhibition at East Carolina University. I was very lucky to have the famous actress Sandra Bullock dance and perform in my multi-media conceptual performance show. She was always incredibly friendly to me and great to work with. Who would have thought she would get so famous after leaving East Carolina University. While there she was just another student working towards her degree in dance.

The following are some of those slide/painting composites I created for my thesis show using the slide copier and doing multiple exposures in camera. So yes…you could do some cool, creative stuff before digital photography (bdp), but it was a lot more time consuming and complicated. Don’t get me wrong…I love digital photography and Photoshop, but I’m a little nostalgic for how we did it BDP.

Haunted Shadows - My ECU Thesis Live Performance 1985 - Sandra Bullock Middle

Sandra Bullock Posing in Front of my Painting 1985


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