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Summer Endeavors – Mixing Business and Pleasure

So far this summer has been enjoyable, restful and very productive. First off I’m not teaching as many courses as I do in the Fall and Spring which has given me extra time to pursue some new and creative endeavors in addition to enjoying some time at the beach, riding my bike, reading some great books, enjoying a few cold ones and I must admit some very good cigars.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from taking A.D. Coleman’s Teaching Photo Criticism Vasa workshop last month. Being a student in his online class gave me some new insights into the nature of Photo Criticism and also some new ideas as to how I would teach my Vasa workshop on Teaching Photography Online.

My Vasa colleague Roberto Muffoletto and I have been planning a very exciting Photography workshop for next Easter in Sardinia, Italy. You can read more about it at the Vasa Website (click here) and add your name to the interest list. This is going to be a once in a lifetime photographic experience so all you photographers “out there” consider signing up for this upcoming Vasa workshop.

We are also launching our e-bookstore where you can purchase both e-portfolio’s from some great photographers from around the world in addition to actual hard covered photo and art books. Click here to learn more about the Vasa online bookstore.

I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience teaching art and photography online with 12 very knowledgeable Photographers and Photo Educators from around the country. We are in the last 2 weeks of the workshop and it’s going better than I could ever have imagined thanks to their motivation and desire to learn new skills sets for teaching photography. I’m also learning some new tools and techniques as I conduct this workshop – especially with the Elluminate online conferencing software and a new screencast application called screenflow.

There has also been some downtown for personal reflection, writing, reading and photography which I desperately needed after such a hectic Spring semester.

Heading out to New York next Tuesday to pick up my daughter Andei who is flying home after finishing her first year of college in Rome, Italy. We are going to visit my parents and brother on Long Island for a few days and spend a day roaming the great museums of NYC.

In 2 weeks its off to a Noel Levitz conference in Denver, Colorado where I will be doing a presentation on distance learning and the impact our Title III grant has had on our professional development initiatives at my college.

On August 1st I fly to El Salvador to spend 8 days with my son Adam and there is no doubt I will be enjoying some serious R&R as we relax on the beach and enjoy the week long holiday festivals that are going on that week. I have only seen my son twice in the past 2 1/2 years so I’m really looking forward to spending some time with him and getting to see what he is doing as an interpreter and community liaison for Catholic Charities after spending two years as a Peace Corp Volunteer.

So far its been a good, fun and productive kind of “busy” summer! I am heading into my FINAL YEAR working and teaching at Carteret Community College and then plan to retire from the state college system and embark on a new chapter of life. Lots of things to do and places to visit before the book ends!

Side note: My colleague Daniel Kariko, Photography Professor at East Carolina University is interviewing me for the next issue of his professional journal Urbanautica – MetaData. I was humbled when he e-mailed me last week to request an interview. It will be published in 2 weeks so I will be sure to post a link to it.


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