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Final Series of Photos From El Salvador

This is my final series of photos taken during my 7 day visit to El Salvador. I am sitting at home dreading starting back to work later today. I’m daydreaming about being in El Salvador with my camera in hand. Just one more year until retirement and then…..who knows. I just may go back and live there part of the time. There are still many places I have not been like Africa. We will see what the future holds. Until then its back to the grind. Thankfully I do what I love. Teach photography and art. Life is good! Click on each thumbnail to enlarge the image. Enjoy….


4 comments on “Final Series of Photos From El Salvador

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  2. souldiaries
    August 16, 2011

    you really have captured this country so well, i feel almost as if i have been there from your posts and wonderfu photos. thanks xx

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