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SPE Challenges for Faculty Presentation – Cont. the Conversation…

The link to access my live webinar on Challenges for Photo Faculty and Beyond is below the Photo my good buddy Joe Champagne took during my presentation this morning.

We all must remember that we as Photo Faculty are still doing what we have always done. Teach what we love and are passionate about. Photography! We just have to develop new strategies for doing this in new ways with new tools and applications for being every bit as effective in the online environment as we are in the classroom/lab/studio.

Please post your thoughts, comments, concerns, observations stimulated by this mornings presentation.

My Powerpoint for this presentation is also linked here download powerpoint challengesspefnl


2 comments on “SPE Challenges for Faculty Presentation – Cont. the Conversation…

  1. Roberto Muffoletto
    October 31, 2011

    Patrick… you are so right. Teaching is a passion and the possibilities for how and what we teach has changed with the emergence of networked digital technologies.

    Keep singing the song !!

  2. keoughp
    November 1, 2011

    Will do Roberto! Digital technology has not only profoundly impacted the photographic industry – it has also changed the way we teach in all disciplines. The true challenge is harnessing the various learning managements systems like Moodle and Blackboard and incorporating other “open source” applications into our instruction. Just about anything can be taught online now with the incredibly powerful tools and applications we as faculty have at our disposal. Its just a matter of becoming proficient with the tools and developing dynamic teaching methodologies that are comparable to the classroom/ experience.

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