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Distance Learning Conference, Raleigh NC

This year’s NC3ADL Conference held at the Raleigh Convention Center drew almost 300 participants from over 45 Community Colleges and even a few Universities across the state. There was something for everyone at this years DL conference, from a variety of excellent technical sessions to seminars and speakers that addressed online pedagogy, best practices and innovative approaches for delivering instruction to our students.

I gave two sessions that were well attended that essentially reinforced the themes of rapidly evolving technological and cultural change being addressed throughout the conference.

A key “buzz word” throughout the conference was cloud computing and how technology is impacting education across the state and country. One thing is for certain…we can’t conduct business as usual, and if we don’t keep abreast of technology we as institutions will eventually become irrelevant because we will not be able to compete with colleges both private and public that are embracing technology from every level of the spectrum for not only teaching online, but with administration and marketing.

I left the conference excited about the incredible possibilities technology affords us in education, however I’m also very much aware of the various challenges we as educator’s face in this rapidly changing technologically driven world.

I was also very proud and humbled by receiving the Distance Learning (e-learning) Innovator award during the luncheon. Being nominated by my peers made it even more special to me.

As one of the presenter’s said during the conference. “We’re not in Kansas anymore” Man…that’s an understatement!


One comment on “Distance Learning Conference, Raleigh NC

  1. Roberto
    November 14, 2011

    right.. we are not in Kansas .. try Netherlands 🙂

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