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Lazy Sunday……….

It’s so nice to get a relaxing break on a lazy Sunday from the demands of work. I just took it easy all day…read a book, watched some football, went grocery shopping with Andei and after a very therapeutic nap on my hammock took a long walk on the beach and took a few “cell phone” photos, since I forgot to bring my Canon 5-D.

Andei made an incredibly delicious lasagna and I must say it hit the spot after my walk on the beach.

As I was walked along the crimson reflected surf I notice this guy taking cell phone photos of the sunset. He was really into it as this photo shows.

Here are 2 more photos I took as I was walking Atlantic Beach NC at sunset.

Its back to work and the madness and demands of teaching and all my other administrative stuff tomorrow. I can’t complain…life is good, God is good and considering the state of the country and the world I am a very blessed man. The older I get the more I realize its those little “simple” pleasures in life that bring us true joy and a few hours of peace in mind.


2 comments on “Lazy Sunday……….

  1. souldiaries
    November 16, 2011

    patrick. sounds like a well deserved relax.see the beard is well..

  2. sundryandco
    November 30, 2011

    Wonderfully captured. (Compared to Irish beaches that, although beautiful, mainly consist of stones and raindrops!)

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