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Some Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is going to be a quiet one this year. My son Adam is sailing from El Salvador to Panama with some Australian friends he met while working for Catholic Charities in El Salvador. My daughter Andei is cooking me a lasagna before leaving to spend the afternoon with some friends. I just returned from trying to volunteer at the local soup kitchen because I’ve been blessed in so many ways living in this great country. Turns out a lot of other people had the same idea and since there were to many volunteers in the kitchen, I came back home. I suppose that is a good thing!

I’m incredibly thankful or my health, family, friends, job and this great country of ours. Seems like there are a lot of young Americans that no longer believe in the greatness of this country. That’s a shame. I believe that is partly because American History is no longer taught thoroughly in our schools.

Somewhere along western civilizations journey the “work ethic” eroded to the point where we have created entitlement classes at both levels of the social strata in both Europe and America. This unfortunate reality is strangling the hard working “so called “middle class” in Europe and the states.

Who ever said life would be easy? Nobody gets a free ride on this sojourn through life. I’m talking about the Wall Street protestors or maybe I should call them cry babies.

These parasites text on cell phones (made by corporate America) that are probably paid for by their parents or trust funds and surf Facebook on laptops and IPads. also products of corporate America and the entrepreneurial spirit that made this country great. What incredibly pathetic hypocrites!

The actual reality is corporations create jobs that apparently these protestors are not seriously interested in applying for..

Their angst and anger should be directed solely towards the damaging policies being generated by the President of the US and his liberal democratic allies who are determined to turn this country towards European socialism which anybody can see doesn’t work. Just look at what is going on in Greece. These regulations and policies are inhibiting job creation and entrepreneurial endeavors across our country.

Part of me honestly feels sorry for these lost souls, yet in reality we should all be feeling sorry for the hard working Americans and small business owners who get up and go to work every day and try to navigate through the tons of regulations and tax burdens placed on them so others can collect their welfare checks, unemployment and food stamps.

Our Government cannot balance its budget, but heaven forbid if I get behind on my taxes. The hypocrisy of our government is appalling and the hypocrisy and pathetic whining by the Wall Street protestors makes me sick.

I have no problem paying my fair share and I do believe in a safety net for American citizens who are poor and/or truly cannot work. So many of these protestors are clueless and essentially want a free ride. They want the workers of America to pay for their cell phones, lattes and wireless bills.

On one hand you have these protestors who need a shower whining about how unfair life in America is and on the other you have these young American heroes in our military fighting for our country and the rights of these human debris to cry about those mean, rich wall street types who won’t share their earned wealth with them. What a contrast!

I’m sure there are corporate moguls making more money than they probably deserve however, it is none of my business what they make. Who am I to make these determinations? If everyone in America minded their own business and focused on working hard and earning their own living things in this country wouldn’t be nearly as bad economically.

So my advice to the Wall Street protestors is to clean yourselves up and if you want to fight to change the “unfair” system do it by getting involved at the local level and support candidates that believe in your anti-capitalist agenda. Run for office or if you must protest your real enemies are in Washington DC. Career politicians on both sides of the aisle and President Obama.

Let’s face it…Nobody likes a whiner! Happy Thanksgiving to you all and if I pissed anyone off reading this be thankful we still live in a country that allows free speech. You are FREE to be pissed off. Free to disagree and free to protest if you do the protesting within the limits of the law.


8 comments on “Some Thoughts on Thanksgiving

  1. harrisdesign
    November 25, 2011

    Very well said! I find your words refreshing coming from a fellow academic. Most of my colleagues are liberals and I can’t understand why they continue to believe and deny this socialist agenda.

  2. harrisdesign
    November 25, 2011

    I should correct my post (you can delete both and I’ll start over) and say most of my former colleagues are liberals. Where I teach now, faculty have not talked specifically about the movement. We are too focused on those students we have that are actually occupying classes, meaning they care to come to class in hopes of a better future in our free Capitalist America!

  3. keoughp
    November 25, 2011

    I don’t know why so many of my colleagues in academia are such staunch liberals. The majority of them drank the anti- capitalist (i.e socialism) cool aide. It really makes no sense to me considering we are trying to teach/train our students to go out and make a a living and compete in the marketplace. True students of history are very aware that socialism doesn’t work – it goes against the grain of the human competitive spirit. I’m conservative and proud of it. Tearing down the institutions that made this country great and the best country to prosper in is absurd in my opinion. I am thankful that we still live in a country where we can express our point of view. There is going to come a time in the not to distant future (if we don’t turn things around) when the politically correct crowd and liberal elites in Washington make it a hate crime to disagree with them. Freedom is not Free!

    • Ozaawaakook
      November 26, 2011

      Red Dog, I can see from your rant that we will have many enjoyable talks over a cold beer and cigar. You may teach students to go out and compete in the market place and make a living as they contribute to Americas greatness. I tell my students each time they get on the bus to be safe and keep your friends/families safe as they go out into reservations that are full of drugs /booze and gangs. My hope is to see them again alive, though they come through my classroom door emotionally damaged and drained of hope in your America, I still believe in them as good people. After all they are Native Americans and are quite aware what Thanksgiving is all about, being a good student of history you can read what was really being given thanks for on that day. Just maybe I am still bitter from burying Big Dave this summer from a gang drive by shooting, he was a good kid in so many ways. So your rant on colleagues being staunch liberals or conservative values feels flat to me in my real American world as I see it. I look forward to many good debates on our America that we will defend with all our might. Gerry

  4. keoughp
    November 27, 2011

    Gerry, I look forward to the day when we can kick back and reminisce about our Army days together in addition to discussing the issues that impact us all here in America and around the world. I totally respect and can empathize with your thoughts and realize we all see the world and solutions to its problems differently based on our backgrounds and personal experiences. I am retiring next summer and driving up to see you in Northern Minnesota is on my list of things to do. Thanks for your honest post Gerry! I appreciate your friendship.

  5. ponchosanza
    November 27, 2011

    Why take sides either way? Robert Frank said “Black and White are the colors of photography.” This did not include thought. There are aspects of life both public and private in which I am conservative, there are also aspects of same in which I’m liberal. I tend to the left-ish side politically, but that doesn’t mean I am a socialist. I don’t teach Native American students, but I try to have an attitude toward my students that “Ozzy” has toward his.

    • Ozaawaakook
      November 27, 2011

      Red Dog, If my memory serves me correctly there is 69 shades of grey between black and white, now what fun is that? I still love picture taking and look forward to our conversations to come. Be strong and may your day make a difference…….or not. Ozaawaakook

  6. keoughp
    November 27, 2011

    Ozaawaakook “Gerry” – You are the last person left that still calls me by my Army nickname “Red Dog”. We are both teachers and committed to life long learning and our students no matter what our politics. I look forward to visiting with you in the near future. Hard to believe its been 30 + years since our days at Ft. Bragg. I never get tired of making photographs – I still have the passion and enthusiasm I had back when we were Army Photographers. Miss you man! Keep the beer on ice.

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