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Remembering Patrick Millard

My friend and VASA colleague Patrick Millard was found dead the other day. Many of his friends and students are still in shock. His students put this memorial video together paying homage to him. He was so incredibly talented. A passionate artist and teacher. Life is so very short so live each day as if it were your last. He will be missed! God Speed Patrick! We love you man!

Click Here for his last Vasa Project Gallery Talk


2 comments on “Remembering Patrick Millard

  1. Ozaawaakook
    December 15, 2011

    My friend Red Dog, I am sorry for your loss, be strong as we know in that lies the strength of our ability to put in motion a healing process….which only means we put it in a place we can continue to live with. Maybe, sometimes or for the most part. I focused on the line in your statement,” was found dead the other day” so much said and left unsaid. Ozaawaakook.

  2. Judy Natal
    February 2, 2012

    My name is Judy Natal, and I was a friend of Patrick’s at Biosphere 2 and in Pittsburgh while photographing at the Robotics Institute this past summer. I am deeply and profoundly saddened have lost such a vibrant artist, friend and utopic-loving fellow photographer. And this loving tribute reminds me it was a loss for so many other people in the photographic community as well.
    I would like to write his family a note, sharing some of my thoughts and message of condolence, and wondering if you have any contact information to allow me to do so. I would very much appreciate if you could assist me.
    You can contact me at
    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful remembrance.

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