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Off to El Salvador!

This has been a grueling semester with so much going on between teaching, distance learning demands, Vasa projects and a few personal challenges thrown in the mix. I just submitted the last of my grades for one of my freelance colleges and am heading home to finish packing for my trip to visit my son Adam in El Salvador for Christmas break. I’m ready for some serious rest and relaxation and some father and son bonding time.

Its hard to believe I’m retiring from my primary job here at Carteret Community College in just 6 months. I’ll by no means be quitting working altogether. I’m not capable of that although I’m hoping to have more time to travel, paint, photograph and write, in addition to planning more workshops and projects with Vasa.

I’ll be posting updates from El Salvador so stay tuned. Adam said we are climbing another Volcano and doing some surf fishing the El Salvadorian way – with nor fishing rods. Should be interesting! I had a great visit with Adam last August and I know this trip is going to be every bit as fun and exciting. My camera battery is charged up and I’m ready to do some photography and blogging during my travels.


4 comments on “Off to El Salvador!

  1. souldiaries
    December 18, 2011

    enjoy patrick! look forward to your updates. hope you have a wonderful christmas and a fresh start to your new year xxx

  2. keoughp
    December 18, 2011

    Thanks Vivian! Its going to be nice to get a break before the new year kicks in. Looking forward to seeing my son! Hope you have a wonderful and restful Christmas season!

  3. Roberto
    December 19, 2011

    Patrick, have a good holiday with your son. And, dont forget to take your lens cap off.

  4. keoughp
    December 19, 2011

    Thanks Roberto! Thanks for the reminder about my lens cap! Have a great Christmas as well! I’ll be posting updates in the next few days.

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