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Too Old for Mountain Climbing? Not!

There’s never a lack of adventures here on the coast of El Salvador. I started the morning of my second day in El Salvador taking a Yoga Class. Yes…that’s right. I took a Yoga class and I’m glad I did because that same afternoon Adam and his friends invited me on a hike in the mountains down to a majestic waterfall.

They didn’t tell me I would be scaling the side of a 3500 ft. mountain with no climbing gear. All I had was a pair of running shoes, jean shorts and my camera dangling around my neck as I tentatively navigated my way down the cliff to the waterfall.

At one point about halfway down the steep cliff I looked down and wondered to myself if I was just getting to damn old for this type of strenuous activity. After all I am 35 + years older than Adam and his friends. The thought left me as fast as it came because I had to stay focused on keeping my foothold and not slipping as we all traversed the steep, narrow rocky path down to the waterfall.

The grueling climb down was well worth it because we were greeted to a beautiful site.

Adam and his friends dived into deep pools of water as I took photographs. The climb down was exhilarating to say the least and it was fun to watch the young people enjoy diving and swimming in the cold mountain pools.

The climb back up was more physically challenging for me, however it didn’t seems as scary going up as it had climbing down.

Before heading back up I noticed the light casting long shadows across the rocks so we took a shadow portrait of the group. We had a great guide who watched my back the entire time – there is no way we would have even found the waterfall without a local guide.

Tomorrow Adam and I are renting motorcycles and embarking on a cross country mountain ride. I could get used to living here in El Salvador. The people are extremely friendly and there are lots of fun things to do and see that don’t cost and arm and a leg.

Stay tuned for the travelogue from our cross country motorcycle sojourn. I suppose you are never too old to live life to the fullest!

Here are a few more photos from our waterfall climb…..

Adam and I hamming it up at the foot of the Waterfall

Adam Sliding Down a smaller Waterfall

Adam's Friend Mauricio Jumping 40 feet into Water

Sunset Day #2 Reminds me of a Rothko Painting


5 comments on “Too Old for Mountain Climbing? Not!

  1. alisha
    December 24, 2011

    hello! its alisha from the waterfall trip!! my email address is, hope you are still enjoying yourself in El Salvador! 🙂

  2. JuanR
    December 26, 2011

    Hey Patrick its Juan!
    Great pictures! my email is

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  5. Jordan Biller
    January 20, 2013

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