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Feliz Navidad! Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

Opening Procession @ Spanish Mass

This is my last full day here in El Salvador. The weather has been amazing. Warm sunny days and cool nights. My son Adam made sure my visit was both restful with some fun and a few adventures tossed in. We went to mass last night at a church in the village near his home. I was treated to some wonderful Christmas music before mass with a very upbeat Spanish rhythm. I didn’t understand very much of what was being said, but it just felt good to me to be at church on Christmas Eve with my son. He translated some of the homily for me so I got the gist of the priest Christmas message.

Today we are just taking it easy enjoying the peace and quite here at the beach hostile. Reading a good book and savoring the present moment because I will blink and be back home tomorrow night.

Here are some photos I took on our way to church last night. We stopped at a fish market to purchase some red snapper to cook for dinner. The light had a magical glow to it at the fish market on the pier. I hope all who stop by KeO BloG have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Fishing Pier at Dusk

    Old Fashion Ice Cream Machine at Pier

    Sunset from Pier - Boat in Foreground


    Breading Fish

    Weighing Shrimp on Pier

    Open Air Market across from Church


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