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Outtakes and Musings from El Salvadorian Adventure

Its hard to believe I was looking out at the Pacific Ocean while relaxing in a hammock just a few short days ago. I made it home to North Carolina feeling a little more rested and rejuvenated, although I must admit, I was not ready to come back. A week isn’t enough time to truly decompress – at least not for me.

The best part of my trip was spending time with my son Adam. I know its a cliche, but PRICELESS would be the best way to describe our time together. Whether it was climbing down a mountain to see a huge waterfall, drinking cold beer and shooting pool in El Tunco or riding dirt bikes through the mountains and little towns of El Salvador – spending time with my son was really special.

The older I get the more I realize just how important it is to savor each and every moment we have on this earth. I essentially told Adam not to worry too much about the future – I reminded him to enjoy the life he has carved out for himself in El Salvador. The future always gets here and usually a lot quicker than we ever expect. He is doing some really exciting things with his Catholic Relief Services work, in addition to being able to surf big waves and do things many young people only dream of doing.

Photography’s taught me to “be in the moment” at least when I have my camera in hand and I’m in “shooting mode”. Photography forces me to be present and hyper aware of every little nuance, gesture, expression and of course the ever changing quality of the light. Its my way of truly connecting to the world around me. My camera is a license to explore the world – to get beneath the surface of things – to investigate subject matter that I’m curious about. My camera is my best travel companion and the photographs I take enable me to hold on to those precious little moments that gave me some insight and understanding into a world outside my own.

These are my outtakes from this last trip to El Salvador…click the thumbnails to enlarge.


4 comments on “Outtakes and Musings from El Salvadorian Adventure

  1. m5son
    December 30, 2011

    Great images. Really nice work.

  2. hello100blog
    December 30, 2011

    Reblogged this on Hello100blog.

  3. Roberto
    January 2, 2012

    what can I say…. you are amazing….

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