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Is it Really 2012?

I’m still having difficulty wrapping my mind around the fact that it’s 2012. It doesn’t seem that long ago when everyone was in a tizzy over Y2K and the year 2000.

There’s no doubt the older we get the faster time goes by. Seems like the years are just flying by – time has been hyper drive since the new millennium rolled in. At least it seems that way to me.

Christmas vacation is over and its back to my Teaching/Distance Learning Administration job at Carteret Community College. I’ve really enjoyed the 2 week respite, especially my trip to El Salvador.

2012 will be the year I retire from my regular job after 30+ years of teaching art and photography, in addition to my work in distance learning. I don’t like to use the word retire because I don’t plan to stop working by no means. I am planning some photography workshops with Vasa Project – the first one coming up during Easter break in Sardinia, Italy and lots of traveling and other creative endeavors. After a forced 6 month sabbatical from teaching for the Community College system I plan to come back and teach art history, graphic design and computer art online as an adjunct in order to supplement my retirement and keep my mind active.

I must admit I love teaching and find it very rewarding and personally enriching. I also enjoy the challenge of teaching “effectively” in the online environment.

One more cup of coffee and its off to the office for me. Six more months of “showing up” at the college and then the next chapter of my life begins. I certainly can’t complain. The past few chapters have had their ups and downs, but all in all I’ve been blessed with a job teaching the things I love and am passionate about.

Lets just hope the world doesn’t end as predicted by the Mayan Calendar. It may be just entering another phase like my El Salvadorian friend Alejandro Moiser who uses Mayan imagery and iconography as the point of departure for his paintings explained to me.

Here’s to a productive and enjoyable 2012!


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