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New York State of Mind…

Even though I’ve lived in North Carolina since 1978 thanks to the military stationing me there,  I still consider myself a New Yorker.  My roots are here as well as my parents and many relatives still live on Long Island. I love coming to visit the Big Apple, although I don’t think I could live here again for any extended period of time.  I’ll be retiring in just 30 days and could move back to Long Island if I wanted to.  The point is I don’t think I could come back after being gone for so long. I love hanging out in Manhattan all day haunting the museums, walking around downtown and taking photographs, but after a week or so I am ready to head back to NC.  I suppose the saying is true…”you can never go back”.

Its so good spending time with family and friends…especially as we all get older and the time between visits gets longer.  The aging process has made me realize just how important family and friends are because so many of mine have already departed this world.

I’m not saying I didn’t appreciate my parents and siblings before…its just that being on the other side of middle age has created a heightened awareness in me that these special people are not always going to be around and that reality causes me to savor the little moments and interactions with them like never before. That little chat with Mom during morning coffee, the glass of wine with  Dad on the back deck after dinner and the laughs joking about our combined screw ups with my brothers.

Yes I suppose you can never go back, but with that said it’s great and important to stay connected with family and old friends and not let time and distance alienate and disconnect us from our roots and those things, people and places in life that contributed to who we are.


One comment on “New York State of Mind…

  1. Shannon
    June 2, 2012

    Well Said!

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