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Enjoying my Little 35mm Holga Camera….

I recently visited my family on Long Island and brought my little 35mm Holga Camera with me to make some pictures. I had already taken some photos with it here on the coast on North Carolina and finished up the 2nd roll during a visit to Montauk Point, NY.  There is something very “zen like” making photographs with a cheap plastic camera.  You don’t have to deal a whole lot with camera settings – just focus on the light and composition.  Its a challenge to make good photos with this camera and I have really been getting into it. My next roll I’ll be experimenting with a cheap plastic camera “fish eye” lens placed in front of the Holga so stay tuned – until then check out my latest  series of color Holga images. Now that my retirement is just around the corner I’m going to have lots more time to pursue art, writing, travel and my first love…photography. Notice the softness around the edges of the images – that is the signature of the Holga camera although it is much more pronounce with the medium format camera.  Either way its a lot of fun to shoot and a great tool for working on composition and heightening your awareness of light and shadow.

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One comment on “Enjoying my Little 35mm Holga Camera….

  1. mslelamac
    June 19, 2012

    You’re right. The images are subtle, and very relaxing. Glad it was a pleasant trip home!

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