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On Creativity….

Creating art has been an integral part of the human condition for over 35,000 years. Why have people over the course of human history been compelled (driven) to express themselves through some form of art?

To paint, build, make pottery, sculpt, dance and/or draw whether it be the walls of the caves in France or on vellum, it seems there is something intangible deep down in all of us that craves to be expressed and then shared in some way.

Art is usually the by product of this desire to share our creative vision with others by way of an artistic medium. We see this come to light in so many forms  and outlets both in the past using traditional venues like art galleries and exhibitions and here in 2012 through all kinds of social media.

People can now share their art, writing and photography on Facebook and their blogs for example. Most of the time we don’t even realize the WHY behind this need to post a new photograph, painting or drawing to Facebook or on our blogs. We do it because it fulfills a need. A need to express and communicate something about us and how we see and experience the world we live in.

Making art  can be personally fulfilling, therapuetic and cathartic.  Once we create something we want to share it with others – even if it is as simple as a nature photograph, a song you just wrote, a drawing or some type of craft.

Humans have been doing this in some form or another since our early ancestors made hand prints  with berries, manganese and ochre on the walls of caves many centuries ago. It’s our way of making some sense out of the world, in addition to commenting on our place in it.

The innate desire to make art is what makes us human. Some people like the great Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Picasso to name a few were more driven and intuitively creative than others, however…we all have a need to express ourselves through some type of artistic medium. It may even be cooking, sewing, photography, dance, singing, landscaping, painting, crafts, drawing or photography.

Creativity come more natural to some people, however I believe we all have a touch of creativity in us and with practice and nurturing you can expand and develop your creative talents.

What is your creative venture? What do you love to do? What are you passionate about when it comes to some type of creative activity. Nurture it! Share it! Post it!

Enjoy it because  its an integral part of what makes us human and above all its FUN!


One comment on “On Creativity….

  1. mslelamac
    July 17, 2012

    Yes, it it fun! And it is stress-relieving / refreshing, something we all need these days..

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