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Photo Book Finished and Upcoming Travels

If you have been following Keo Blog you will notice I am in the process of redesigning my site. Now that I’m retired I have more time to spend on personal work which I’m finding very enjoyable and personally rewarding.  When I was teaching 60 hours a week both in the classroom and online I always felt rushed when it came to doing my own work.  Now I can write, photograph and pursue other creative endeavors without the demands of full time teaching.

I just finished a 40 page black and white photo book for my son Adam’s upcoming birthday.  He was one of my favorite subjects back when he was a child, although he is not to keen on me pointing a camera at him anymore. I editing down some of my favorite images and laid them out in a Blurb book.  You can review it below.

I’m also very excited about about doing my Art of Seeing workshop this coming October in Bratislava, Slovakia.   I’ll be traveling through Europe for the International Photo Festival with my VASA colleague Roberto Muffoletto. We will be teaching a Photo Workshops  in Bratislava, Slovakia and then photographing in Amsterdam, Vienna, Krakow Poland and Berlin as well. I’ve never been to any of these countires so should be an incredible adventure.

So I’m off to El Salvador in 2 weeks to visit my son Adam and do some photography, fishing, exploring and relaxing and then off to Europe for a photographic sojourn this fall.  So far I’m enjoying retirement and the opportunity to focus more on the personal work.

Until then I will continue updating and retooling KeO Blog and adding new photographs as I go.

Here are 2 cool 35mm Color Holga image it took a few weeks ago when Andei and I had some unexpected visitors who pulled up in an old van. The first one is an accidental double exposure.

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