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Another Travel Adventure Coming to an End…

I’ve had a very exciting and rewarding travel experience these past 3 weeks in Central America. I’m starting to feel very comfortable here in El Salvador. The people are incredibly warm and hospitable and the weather along the Pacific coast is not too hot thanks to the cool breezes coming off the ocean.

I’ve experienced some new things over the past few weeks. My son Adam and I traveled to Antigua, Guatemala in a bus from El Tunco, El Salvador. This was the first time for both of us visiting Guatemala.  Antigua is an amazing Spanish Colonial town surrounded by volcano’s shrouded in majestic clouds. Antigua is very different from the pueblo’s in El Salvador. The city is more “closed in” with high stucco multi-colored walls and narrow cobblestone streets.

I also took 12 hours of Spanish lessons with a very patient El Salvadorian teacher by the name of Nelson. I still struggle with speaking the language, however I feel as though I have a much better understanding of it and can communicate more effectively than when I first arrived 3 weeks ago.  “Yo hablo Espanol poquito” Now its just a matter of practicing and applying what he taught me.

I believe the trick to getting the most out of travel is immersing yourself in the local culture. Make a concerted effort to meet the people. Try and speak their language, eat their food, learn some of their customs see their art. You really can’t do this on a short visit to a country.

I was also very inspired and impressed by the many local artists in both El Salvador and Antigua. Art is a great way to get a true glimpse into the hopes, fears, issues, concerns and beliefs of any given culture.

Travel continues to open my eyes and broaden my perspective on what it is to be human.  American’s who never travel have no idea (outside of television) what the rest of the world is truly like, how people live and how much LESS most people have compared to us.

My camera is my window to the world – it’s a license to photographically explore and investigate my daily excursions.  The following photographs will hopefully give you a glimpse into my travels through El Salvador and Guatemala. Enjoy!

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3 comments on “Another Travel Adventure Coming to an End…

  1. Michel
    August 29, 2012

    I love Central America. Stayed with a family in Managua for a while. Nice images.

  2. keoughp
    August 31, 2012

    Thanks Michel! I love Central America as well. The people are great and it is a wonderful place to photograph.

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