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Holga “Plastic Camera” Photos from Central American Trip

I took my trusty 35mm Holga “plastic” camera to Central America with me this past month and just got the film developed . The images are so different than the ones I shot with my digital camera. There is a dream like “ethereal”  painterly quality to them.

Shooting with a plastic camera is hit or miss.  Sometimes you get some really interesting and unique photographs and other times what you may think is going to be a great photo turns out to be a dud. 

What I like most about making photographs with the Holga is its simplicity and lack of camera settings and functions.  The photographic process is very raw and its all about creating the image with very limited camera options.  You either set it on sunny or cloudy and set your distance and start shooting.

Here are some of my favorites from the roll I shot in and around El Salvador. Notice the softness and vignetting around the edges of the images. This is the visual signature of the Holga and other plastic cameras.  To learn more about photographic with plastic cameras check out Michelle Bates web site and books on the subject.

Comments and feedback always welcome!

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